Hawksky 2208-1800 KABABFPV Special Motor

Hawksky 2208-1800 KABABFPV Special Motor

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This motor is intended for 5" acro quads but is also one of the most versatile specs possible at the same time.  After loads and loads of testing motors of ALL sizes and Kv's from a multitude of companies, Kabab FPV has found a general motor formula he prefers.  The focus of this motor is maximum CONTROL.  Specifically on a 5" acro quad but as you will see, this motor is so so much more.  From 5" to 7" and 4S through 6S, it will perform well in a very wide range of situations.

Important Specs:
- 2208 1800kv
- 9mm bearings
- 4mm Titanium hollow shaft
- 7075 aluminum
- 0.1mm lamination stater
- Single stranded windings
- Strong magnets N52
- Curved magnets
- Super tight air gap
- Lip at bottom of bell to further retain magnets
- Super robust prop hub friction ring on bell
- ~33g

Other details:
- Ribs in bell for improved magnet cooling
- M2.5 bell retaining screw
- 20 awg wire
- Open base with wire railing
- 16x16mm mounting pattern
- No writing on bell because why...

Recommended uses:
- 5" acro quad of 580-650g AUW - 6S
- 5" acro quad of 580-650g AUW - 5S
- 5" acro quad of 580-650g AUW - 4S
- 6" acro quad of 590-700g AUW - 5S
- 6" acro quad of 590-700g AUW - 4S
- 7" acro quad of 600-730g AUW - 4S
5S 7" and 6S 6" will be fine too but a bit excessive probably.

Prop recommendations:
- HQ Ethix S3
- HQ 5.1x4.1x3
- Tmotor T5143
- HQ Glass Nylon 5x4x3
- DAL 5040v2 tri or quad blade
- Any other prop you like

Battery Recommendations:
- ~180-200g 6S battery
- ~170-190g 4S battery
- Whatever other battery you like.  It should do 8S on 5" fine too.

First and foremost, this motor is not just one motor.  It merely meets the specific requirements listed above and constructed in an appropriate quality manner.  Any motor that meets these requirements will be acceptable but the Kv may need to change a little from company to company.  More on that a little later.

The 2208 size is very specific to the 5" size.  For typical acro, the general preference is a shallower pitch prop and more RPM.  It is well known at this point that taller motors are more effective at managing props in the higher RPM range.  This does not mean there is no power down low.  The opposite actually, there is extreme control with very accurate thrust output in the lower RPM range because it's so much easier to manage.  There is no sudden burst of power to throw you off while you're trying to showoff your fine footwork.  While 2208 is specific to 5", it has tremendous power and is fully capable of managing a 6" prop as well.  7" will work but will not be optimal.  2209-2212 is recommended for 7".

The optimal Kv is extremely specific to the motor.  The magnet/stator/winding construction on the motor is what will determine what the optimal speed for the motor will be.  For 6S acro, the Kv range is condensed and 1750-1900kv is what Kabab considers the appropriate range for 5".  No, this does not mean it's inefficient.  This is a large motor and is inherently efficient as a result.

This passage could go on and on for pages...if you're looking for acro performance, this is another option from someone that has done a LOT of testing.  We're fortunate to have so many options today.

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