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PiroflipRC is hiring!

We love our community very much and want to share all the events happening in the store with everyone.  Unfortunately a lot of exciting information and news gets lost among the daily tasks of managing the shop.  We need someone to help us maintain the communication we want to have with our community, and more importantly, they want to have with us!

This is not specifically marketing because that’s not what we do.  If you’re part of the community, you know that we listen to everyone, talk to all the developers making amazing advancements, and bring people what they want.  We do it this way because that is what WE want ourselves!  Our goal is to share the incredible fun we have in this hobby with everybody we can and improve the industry for all.

There is so much happening at the shop on a daily basis that this position will be full time in house.  As a side effect, you will become a product expert and will be able to look into the future of the sport from behind the scenes.  This is a very serious position.  You will gain valuable experience with community management, product development, technical back end management, general business operations and workflow optimization.

General tasks for this position.  (Not limited to only these tasks)

  • List new products on the website and complete descriptions with useful information.

  • Manage a periodic newsletter discussing what’s hot and what’s coming.

  • Unique articles about interesting topics may be considered.

  • Possible YouTube videos regarding products and information.

  • Consider doing some minor statistical analysis to find useful information.

  • Open ended from here.

The applicant should be:

  • highly proficient in writing english

  • proficient in general computing

  • familiar with social media platforms

  • highly self motivated and self managing

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